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2017 GUE Conference

Join us in Florida next October 28-29 for the 2017 GUE Conference!

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What is annual auto-renewal?

Annual auto-renewal is an optional selection you can make at the time you purchase a GUE Membership.

2016 Membership Changes

Last year we conducted a survey of GUE students, members, instructors, and anyone else we could reach to learn more about what you want from GUE. We are in a unique position as both a training agency and a global nonprofit organization... continue reading.

Documentation Contest 2016

Documentation Contest has a new edition, this time a Cave edition. In September 2016 the French caves are waiting for some of the best GUE teams from all around Europe!

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Why We Cave Dive

'Why?' is probably the most common question that any cave diver is asked. How do you explain to your family and friends what you are doing down there? It's cold, dark, deep and apparently a hostile environment. There is almost no animal life, just walls of stone and water surrounding you. But for those who practice cave diving it is a way of life, the passion to discover new hidden worlds overcoming all else.

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Scapa Flow Ghost Fishing 2015

In September of this year, 12 divers from the UK and the Netherlands gathered together in the Orkney Islands, off the North coast of Scotland. Nestled within the archipelago lies Scapa Flow, the world famous venue for wreck diving. However this week was to see a change in focus: the Ghost Fishing Team arrived to remove lost fishing gear from the waters of Scapa Flow...

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DocCon 2015

In May 2015 Krnicadive held its first international Documentation Contest where teams of divers explore, document, and create a presentation of a randomly assigned wreck.

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