2016 Annual Reports

For an in-depth look at what GUE and PB were up to throughout 2016, check out our annual reports! We also created a report dedicated to the numerous exploration and conservation projects undertaken by GUE divers all over the world, so be sure to check it out to see the amazing things we can accomplish when we work together.

Download the reports from our new Resources page!

GUE Brand Standards Guide

We are pleased to announce we have released a Brand Standards Guide outlining previously unpublished specifics about the organization. The guide includes a personality evaluation, terminology guidelines, brand permissions, and authorized logos. The document is thorough and we hope it will be a valuable resource for everyone representing our organization.

Download the guide from our new Resources page.

Introducting DiveGUE.tv!

A video learning site designed to educate and inspire divers around the world... LEARN MORE!

2017 GUE Conference

Join us in Florida next October 28-29 for the 2017 GUE Conference!

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What is annual auto-renewal?

Annual auto-renewal is an optional selection you can make at the time you purchase a GUE Membership.

2016 Membership Changes

Last year we conducted a survey of GUE students, members, instructors, and anyone else we could reach to learn more about what you want from GUE. We are in a unique position as both a training agency and a global nonprofit organization... continue reading.

Documentation Contest 2016

Documentation Contest has a new edition, this time a Cave edition. In September 2016 the French caves are waiting for some of the best GUE teams from all around Europe!

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