GUE Infographic: 20 Years of Excellence

October 30, 2018

Global Underwater Explorers (GUE), a nonprofit diving organization, is celebrating its 20th year of educating divers and encouraging them to become explorers and conservationists of the world’s bodies of water. GUE is focused on developing a community of passionate, like-minded, and highly skilled divers who explore the aquatic world in support of archaeology, scientific research, and conservation.

After two decades of teaching students, the GUE community has grown its presence to over 90 countries with more than 150 instructors. GUE divers have participated in projects in over 35 countries and worked with universities and researchers from around the world to explore, study, and document a full range of aquatic environments.

Infographic created by Amanda White

Top Image Photo Credit: Rich Denmark, for Global Underwater Explorers