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InDepth is a free, scuba diving blog run by passionate divers from Global Underwater Explorers (GUE). GUE is a nonprofit diving organization that focuses on growing a global community of divers who are passionate about diving and committed to exploring and conserving the world’s bodies of water.

Our passion for diving focuses on four pillars: Education, Conservation, Exploration, and Community. No matter if you’re a new diver, an avid explorer, or only dive occasionally, our goal is to provide you with a place you can trust for the knowledge, insight, and entertainment you need to get deeper into diving. Our aim with InDepth is to be your number one source of information for all things related to diving both below and above the surface.


Global Underwater Explorers began with a group of scuba divers whose love of underwater exploration grew naturally into a desire to protect those environments. In 1998, we created a unique organization that would be dedicated to high-quality scuba and technical diver education with the goals of supporting aquatic research that advances conservation and safely expanding exploration of the underwater world.

Now a well-established 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in High Springs, Florida, we have developed expansive programs to support our mission with educational opportunities as well as conservation and exploration initiatives around the world.



Outside of these three, we have a team of copy editors, instructors, and the staff at GUE HQ who make each issue of InDepth possible.  It takes the dedicated community that GUE has grown over the past twenty years to make our success possible. 

Michael Menduno
Editor In Chief
Amanda White
Editor, Designer

Kenzie Potter, Layout

Pat Jablonski, Copy Editing


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