Diving Tips & Tricks: Cold Water

December 1, 2018

Helpful Tips to Improve Your Diving

Each month we provide a series of tips and tricks from instructors and active explorers. This first set of videos come from GUE Instructors Guy Shockey and Liz Tribe.



There are many informal tips and tricks that GUE divers have discovered to make their diving easier and more enjoyable. They don’t always make it into course curriculums because they may be regionally specific or just useful personal tips not universally applicable to all the GUE diving environments. We decided to start assembling them in short video clips to help make your diving more enjoyable! Please feel free to send us your tips and tricks at indepth@gue.com!


How to Recover a Dropped Spool

Even the best diver can mishandle a spool after deploying an SMB in deep water. Recovering the spool can be a bit messy and could result in line floating around the diver, and making for an unsafe situation. Here is one trick that can help you get your spool back while also keeping your line handled.


Outsmart cold fingers with these useful tips! The Pacific Northwest offers some of the best diving in the world; however, with cold water diving comes heavier equipment and bulkier exposure protection. These two easy-to-apply techniques will help you overcome some challenges you may be experiencing due to poor dexterity due to bulky dry gloves and/or cold fingers. Apply these smart techniques so you can get the very most out of your cold water diving experience!


Backup Light Clip

Your left and right shoulder D-rings can be busy places!  Here is one trick to help manage those multiple bolt snaps on your shoulder D-rings. 


Top Image Photo Credit: Sean Romanowski


Guy Shockey and Liz Tribe are both GUE instructors who are actively involved in mentoring the next generation of GUE divers.