Diving Tips and Tricks: Clipping Off Your Primary

July 2, 2019

Having trouble clipping off your primary without tangling in your cable or worse, blinding your team-mates? Instructor Francesco Cameli offers some tips on how to clip it off with aplomb.

What’s the best way of clipping off your primary light when you need both hands to complete a task? Instructor Francesco Cameli gives you a breakdown of how to do this properly so you don’t tangle yourself up or blind your teammates. 

  1. Make sure you have a bungee loop on your light
  2. Have a double ender ready
  3. Clip off the light to your right side D-Ring (If you are using a cordless, don’t drop it!)
  4. Pull the excess line under your primary hose
  5. Tuck the spare hose into your belt
  6. Don’t pull too tight or you will pull the light upward and into the eyes of your teammates

Francesco is Italian but speaks four languages fluently and without an accent. This is probably a trait of his career spanning 25 years in the music industry where he has worked on or facilitated records that have gone on to sell over 150,000,000 copies worldwide. When he’s not locked away in his studio, Sphere, you will find Francesco submerged taking pictures or sharing his contagious passion for diving with his friends and students. A very active diver in the Los Angeles GUE community, Francesco Is both CCR and Cave trained as well a GUE instructor. He says that he gets really grumpy if he does not get at least three dives a week in. It’s the perfect Yang to the Ying of the dark, soundproof rooms where he also thrives.

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