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Where does the bolt snap go on your long hose? In this quick diving tip, Guy Shockey goes over bolt snap placement for high efficiency underwater. Having your bolt snap in the correct location helps to make it easier to clip on and off without having to search for it or look at what you’re doing.

  • Longhose Bolt Snap Location
    • Bolt snap can slide up hose
      • Makes donating difficult
      • Makes clipping difficult
    • Keep bolt snap close to the metal ferrule of regulator

Guy Shockey is a GUE Instructor Trainer who is actively involved in mentoring the next generation of GUE divers. He started diving in 1982 in a cold mountain lake in Alberta, Canada. Since then he has logged somewhere close to 8,000 dives in most of the oceans of the world. He is a passionate technical diver with a particular interest in deeper ocean wreck diving. He is a former military officer and professional hunter with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in political science, as well as an entrepreneur with several successful startup companies to his credit.

Diving Tips and Tricks

Diving Tips and Tricks: Stowing your Fins

What to do with those fins during that long march from the parking lot down the stairs to the wharf to find your boat? Ricardo Constantino has a trick that will make your life easily and have you saying finny! Check it out.




In this diving tips and tricks video, GUE instructor Ricardo Constantino shows you a handy way to carry your fins…not in your hands or on your feet…

Stowing your Fins

  • Unclip SPG from left hip D-ring
  • Weave SPG & hose through fin straps
  • Reclip SPG to D-Ring

Ricardo Constantino studied engineering in South Africa and now leads the R&D department of a Portuguese petrol retail technology company. Actively involved in a number of diving projects worldwide, he manages a Project Baseline cave initiative on the major Portuguese caves. He enjoys diving for scientists and contributing to the growth of knowledge by exploring new cave passages, and he serves on the board of directors of two prestigious Portuguese scientific associations with links to underwater research.

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