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Are you planning on taking an underwater survey? Well here’s a diving tip from instructor and explorer John Kendall on how not to lose your pencil while task loaded.

Tools needed to collect survey data:

  • Compass
  • Wetnotes or slate
  • String/line
  • Pencils

Tools needed to alter compass:

  • Compass
  • Drill and drill bit
  • Zip Ties
  • Pencil


  • Drill small holes in compass as shown in video
  • Use zip-ties to attach pencil to compass

This makes holding them both much easier. Get more great tips or learn more about diving

at or by watching our other tips and tricks on InDepth.

John Kendall is an avid diving adventurer and explorer. He loves to document interesting dive sites, especially those with archaeological or geological significance using photogrammetry. Although based in the UK, Kendall travels worldwide to teach GUE classes. He enjoys the process of helping divers become the best they can be.

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Diving Tips and Tricks

Diving Tips and Tricks: Save-A-Dive-Bearded Edition

You showed up to dive but forgot to tame your inner Wookie. No problem. GUE’s Rich Denmark’s on the job with some face saving tips. Got your “Save-a-Beard” kit handy?




by Rich Denmark

Love your beard, but not how it breaks the seal on your mask? Well, bearded diver, Rich Denmark has a few tips in store for you on how to prevent your beard from interfering with your next dive.

His recommendation? Use a mask with a short skirt and carry a “Save-a-dive” beard kit that has all of the tools you need to groom with before a dive.

The kit includes:

  • Leatherman
  • Razor with a single blade on top
  • Silicone lubricant (no petroleum aloud!)

Richie has been creating content with GUE since early 2009 and has been a GUE diver for over 5 years. At a young age he fell in love with the lakes, springs, and oceans of Florida and now, with 10 years experience in HD video production, is proud to combine his passion and skills for GUE. Rich is the creative drive behind many GUE HQ video projects and also excels at photography, graphic design, voiceovers, video editing and effects, and much more. His primary goal within the organization is to use his diverse media skill set to bring our global GUE community and the general public closer together. When he isn’t working for GUE or out diving he regularly films with ESPN and other national TV shows, as well as for local artists and businesses.

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