Exploring the Bikini Atoll’s USS Saratoga

February 6, 2019

Journey with GUE graybeards Richard Lundgren and Jesper Kjøller through the bowels of the USS Saratoga, a Lexington-class aircraft carrier that was sunk during the United States’ Operation Crossroads (atomic bomb tests in Bikini Atoll) in July 1946. Like what you see? Check out The Dirty Dozen’s Critical Experiment Expeditions.

With so many penetration possibilities and an abundance of details inside and outside, you could easily go to Bikini Atoll and spend a whole week just diving the USS Saratoga. In fact, if the aircraft carrier was the only wreck here, it would still be worth the long travel.

Click the image below to watch the video.

Divers: Richard Lundgren & Jesper Kjøller

Video, photos and editing: Jesper Kjøller

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