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Get your Trimmings right this Christmas

Fourth Element gives us some ideas for holiday gifts for divers!



We’re picky humans us divers. The sight of a hose marginally out of place, a slightly off frog kick…how could anyone possibly find us the perfect Christmas present? No, a pair of Santa socks from M&S will NOT do under my made-to-measure drysuit thanks very much mum. Even if they do have fluffy beards on them. 

Not another Christmas Jumper

A light-up gingerbread knit might win you some laughs around the dinner table but on the dive boat, frankly, it’s not gonna fly. Pre or post dive it’s essential to stay warm and whilst traditional knitwear can indeed provide warmth, once it gets (inevitably) wet that’s the end of your snug sweater. Add a performance hoodie to your list like the Xerotherm or (newly in) Arctic. These are made from the same materials as our undersuits: perform when wet, low bulk, high insulation and are just so darn comfy.

Chests and nuts roasting by an open fire

You know what’s better than a roaring fire? A set of X-Core Vest and Leggings. And you won’t even need to do a mad dash to the shop for the batteries that didn’t come included because this thermal baselayer uses technology that draws heat from your OWN body with an additional chest panel minimising the rush of cold air from your inlet valve. Also request a J2 if you’re feeling cheeky as it’s the best wicking layer to wear underneath if you get TOO warm.

Fill up my stocking with stockings

No, as previously mentioned not the pack-of-7 cottons featuring every day of the week. Diving at depth or in cold waters requires some serious thermal protection for your feet which are particularly exposed during a dive. This means socks designed specifically for the job. You’ll want a Xerotherm pair as a minimum or ask for the Arctic, Hotfoot or – if they’re feeling real swish – Hotfoot Pro for multiple layers that trap air, insulating your feet in a cocoon of loveliness.

Manta Claus is coming to town

Tops you can wear even when you’re not diving (when?!), make for a more versatile gift. Something subtle like our new Manta Polo or our Stop Breathe T-shirts are perfect wardrobe additions for everyday. Or go full on dive ‘cause we know thats what you really, really want, and pop Unexplored or OK Girl Tee onto your wish list. Aunty Linda will repeatedly ask you what “that funny symbol” means, but thats mainly down to the 11am sherries. If all else fails Ask for a fourth element gift voucher. Then you can spend boxing day gorging on leftover turkey sandwiches whilst browsing shiny new things online. Christmas – done. Gifts of comfort and joy this way >

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