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In our new, five-episode equipment series, GUE Instructor Dorota Czerny discusses the differences between a GUE-configured equipment set, consisting of a single tank, backplate, harness, wing, and long hose regulator system, and a jacket-style system that is most common in recreational diving. The comparison covers general components and goes into detail about streamlining, fit, and function; weighting options; managing out-of-gas situations in the two regulator configurations; and offers some advice for GUE-trained recreational divers.

The purpose of the series is not only to differentiate the two equipment configurations, but to provide GUE-trained recreational divers with an overview of an equipment set they may need to use when traveling to a destination where GUE-configured equipment is not available and they are not able to travel with their own system.

Chapter 1 is available now for free on

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Episode 1 – Introduction: The guests are entering the stage

In this episode, GUE Instructor Dorota Czerny introduces the two different equipment configurations, outlining the main components of a single tank system on both of them. You will learn the main reasons for creating this video, what the advantage of a jacket-style BCD is, and what the big advantage of the GUE system is. You’ll also get a glimpse of how Dorota got to know the long-hose, backplate configuration and what her first take was on that! was created to provide a supplementary educational platform for scuba diving enthusiasts. We believe these materials will increase global awareness of GUE training, thereby inspiring divers from around the world to establish and maintain a unified perspective, help ease diver anxiety, enhance class readiness, aid in skill maintenance, and encourage otherwise undecided or unsure divers to seek out training. is a production of Global Underwater Explorers (GUE), the 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to high-quality diver education and to exploration and conservation of the world’s aquatic environments. Learn more at






Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite cave diver or wanna be cave explorer? We’ve got you covered.

FL, US December 14, 2021–Begin your journey into the dark recesses of underwater caves with GUE’s new cave diving book, Deep into Cave Diving: GUE Technique and Methodology. This new edition goes deep into the history of cave exploration, takes a close look at the beginning of cave diving, and explains the GUE cave diver training program. Whether you’re dreaming of learning to cave dive or have been exploring caves for years, this entertaining and educational book needs to be in your diving library. 

So what’s included in the cave manual? 

  • The Birth of Cave Diving
  • Intro to Cave Diver Training
  • GUE: A Unified System
  • Cave Diving Fundamentals
  • Dive Planning
  • Managing Breathing Gas Supplies
  • Emergency Situations
  • Hazards in the Cave Environment
  • Accident Analysis Revisited
  • Ecology, Conservation, & Landowner Relations
  • The Dynamics of Underwater Survey, Modeling, & Cartography
  • Understanding Cave Formation and Development

“My background is physics, and so I went a little more in-depth into gas planning, and then we added things like sidemount and rebreather diving in the cave environment to the book,” said GUE’s cave administrator, Kirill Egorov. “So it’s supplemental to GUE classes and is also beneficial to people who have been cave diving for years, GUE or not.”

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Global Underwater Explorers, a US 501(c)(3), began with a group of divers whose love of underwater exploration grew naturally into a desire to protect those environments. In 1998, they created a unique organization dedicated to high-quality diver education with the goal of diligently supporting aquatic research that advances conservation and safely expands exploration of the underwater world.

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