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Global Underwater Explorers and hosted a video contest designed to celebrate the magnificent underwater world while enhancing global awareness among the diving and non-diving public. The contest was sponsored by DAN Europe, Fourth Element, Halcyon Dive Systems, Paralenz, SANTI, and Shearwater.

Submissions were at the discretion of the creator but had to be a minimum of three minutes long and a maximum of ten minutes. Videos were judged based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Message clarity and relevance
  • Motivation and inspiration
  • Overall impact
  • Editing and filming skills

Here are the winners:

1st Place: Beyond the Blue

Creator: Christine Grosart

It is estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic in out oceans than fish. This short film follows two women who dedicate their time to protecting their local coastline in the United Kingdom. Narrated by National Seasearch coordinator Dr Charlotte Bolton and trustee of Ghost Fishing UK, Christine Grosart (FRGS), the film explores a fresh, pragmatic approach to protecting our oceans whilst at the same time enabling access to those who enjoy and earn a living from them. Showcasing the underwater beauty and diversity of the British Isles, the film focusses on divers not just looking but seeing – and reporting – what they find underwater. Explore here…

2nd Place: Grenmar

Creator: Owen Flowers

There are hundreds of unidentified wrecks in UK seas. United Kingdom Exploration Project (UKEP) diver Andy Pilley was inspired to organize a project in his local waters near Eyemouth, Scotland. His goal was to bring together a team of like-minded divers to explore and document undived wrecksites. He hoped to understand the history of their sinking by positively identifying the wrecks name. ‘Grenmar’ is the remarkable story of how the discovery of one wreck has led to a new unknown. The mystery of the site previously thought to be the Grenmar remains to be uncovered in future Years. Explore here..

3rd Place: Blackwater-Anilao Style

Creator: Walter Marti

Every night the world’s largest animal migration happens. Billions of animals from the deep ocean rise to shallow water to feed and mate.  This biomass is referred to as The Deep Scattering Layer.  Thus named, because it can be so dense, that it can reflect sonar signals.  Some are tiny, some are not.  Some are rarely seen. This is just of taste of what can be seen in the inky blackness.   People shown in this film are two boat crew from Crystal Blue Resort and Dive Guide Jomer.  Divers are Linda Blanchard. Explore here… was created to provide a supplementary educational platform for scuba diving enthusiasts. We believe these materials will increase global awareness of GUE and scuba diving training, thereby inspiring divers from around the world to establish and maintain a unified perspective, help ease diver anxiety, enhance class readiness, aid in skill maintenance, and encourage otherwise undecided or unsure divers to seek out training.


Project Divers Are We

Diving projects aka expeditions—think Bill Stone’s Wakulla Springs 1987 project, or the original explorations of the Woodville Karst Plain’s Project (WKPP)—helped give birth to technical diving….




Header image: Divers positioning a decompression habitat during a recent GUE Project Diver core module. Photo by SJ Alice Bennett, courtesy of GUE.

Diving projects, or expeditions—think Bill Stone’s Wakulla Springs 1987 project, or the original explorations of the Woodville Karst Plain’s Project (WKPP)—helped give birth to technical diving, and today continue as an important focal point and organizing principle for communities like Global Underwater Explorers (GUE). The organization this year unveiled a new Project Diver program, intended to elevate “community-led project dives to an entirely new level of sophistication.” Here, authors Guy Shockey and Francesco Cameli discuss the power of projects and take us behind the scenes of the new program.

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