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Education DIR 2004: The Basics of “Doing It Right”

Watch the digitized version of DIR 2004, along with two additional DVDs of videos, which provide an up close and personal view of the young GUE organization nearly 15 years ago.



A Word from Jarrod Jablonski

Welcome to the re-release of DIR 2004. The early and mid-2000’s were an impactful part of GUE’s history. In 2004, very soon after celebrating GUE’s fifth birthday, we decided to organize a compendium of our developing thoughts, plans and observations. These ideas were presented as a three disk set of DVDs, which is its own marker of the years that have since elapsed this recording. Many people might struggle to locate a DVD player and others never even had one. Either way, we save you the trouble and present these historical waypoints in proper ethereal format, fitting with our modern-day world.

For good and bad, we didn’t make any other changes, leaving the history, the mistakes, the awkward filming environment and other funny particulars just as they were nearly 15 year ago. For some it will be a free trip down memory lane and for others a glimpse into the developing ideas that took shape as GUE. Fortunately you can skip around, bypassing some areas and locating something of particular interest. We hope you have some fun, even if it is at our expense.

One word of caution seems appropriate. This information is presented purely for entertainment purposes and should not be considered instruction of any sort. The ideas presented may or may not align with current thinking or teaching methodology and are not meant to be indicative of GUE recommendations. Now that we have the formalities out of the way, please feel free to be entertained.

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Accompanying Text On Original Single DVD

The most comprehensive overview of the “Doing It Right” system ever available on video. When Jarrod Jablonski and George Irvine set out to develop a replacement for the very-popular (but somewhat dated) DIR video series, their goal was to provide a complete head-to-toe presentation of how they configure their own dive gear to conform to the DIR standard. By the time they finished filming, the project had grown in scope to cover not only essential DIR concepts like team procedures and dive planning, but advanced topics like gas mixing and Gavin Scooter maintenance.

Encouraged by their results in covering the DIR basics, George and Jarrod then sat down to an extensive series of interviews that provide a fascinating history of the development of DIR diving within the Woodville Karst Plain Project and the logistics of exploring Wakulla Spring’s deep cave system at the extremes of dive technology and practices. To cap the project off, George and Jarrod narrate a complete dive within the Wakulla cave system. It’s the first time that anyone outside the team has been able to listen in as the WKPP’s lead explorers review the results of a project dive.

DIR 2004 is essential viewing for anyone interested in applying DIR concepts to their diving. It can be seen as a supplement to the successful DIR Fundamentals book or to a DIR Fundamentals class, but it also stands alone as a document of the evolution of safe diving practices at the cutting edge of underwater exploration.

Did you enjoy this video? Read the full original article by Jarrod Jablonski.


Good Habits for Recreational Divers

Created by Alain Eid, the new GUE.TV series, “Good Habits for Recreational Divers” explains and demonstrates the habits and skills that are important for beginning recreational divers.




New divers beginning their underwater apprenticeship need guidance, support, and ongoing reinforcement of good diving habits. Believing in the principle that ‘whatever is learned first sticks’ and being acutely aware that changing old habits can be very difficult, inspired GUE to create a new series of videos, “Good Habits for Recreational Divers.”

The series was developed by Alain Eid, one of GUE’s experienced recreational instructors who enjoys teaching new divers and introducing them to the underwater world. Based on his years of experience, he developed a list of habits and skills that are essential for new recreational divers. We expect the series to continue to grow.

In these videos, you will learn why fully opening a scuba cylinder is important, why you should open it before you put your gear on, how to properly secure your BC on a tank, as well as other small, but relevant and important hints and tips that will help you to develop good habits that will enrich and enhance your diving career.

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We also invite you to view some of’s other skill-enhancement videos and to feel free to contact us or one of our GUE instructors directly. We’ve invested decades learning how to maximize diving skills and underwater efficiency, and we would love to share more of what we’ve learned with you. See you soon in another of our videos, and until then, enjoy your dives!

Videographers: Olga Martinelli

Content development (storyline): Alain Eid

Editing: Olga Martinelli

Music©Motivational Uplifting – AShamaluevMusic

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