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Human Factors in Diving Micro-class Upgraded



After four years, the award-winning Human Factors in Diving Micro-class from The Human Diver has been upgraded! The three hours of content in small 5-8 min lessons and $97 price remain, but the inside has been rewritten from scratch, reshot and the lessons identified from the previous 4 years incorporated. The course provides divers with essential, baseline knowledge about how to apply human factors to their diving. The goal? Increase enjoyment, improve safety and produce better divers.

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Teach Your Children Well




Header Image: Petra Florence, Ava Waddell & Adalyn Olcott, all age 10 , become the three newest Dive Addicts, in Midway, Utah. Photo by Kerstin Thornton Olcott with book covers added.

🎶🎶 Predive Clicklist: Teach your Children by Crosby, Stills and Nash 

This holiday, we offer up a couple of ocean-related children’s books for your shopping list. First up is a review of Sea Shepherd founder Capt. Paul Watson’s new book, “We Are The Ocean,” by InDEPTH co-founder Amanda White. We then dive into the newly released “Girls’ Super Power Series,” authored by diver medic and trainer Chantelle Newman. Empower your progeny!

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