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Getting a great fitting drysuit isn’t easy. In these days of social distancing it’s even harder, but fourth element’s BIOMAP® service offers the perfect way to get a drysuit made to your exact measurements and specifications without the need for tape measures or any physical contact.
The Argonaut 2.0 drysuit uses the award winning BIOMAP® system to create a bespoke pattern unique to you. At the heart of the pattern development was the quest for improved mobility, easier gas management, stronger construction, greater streamlining, lighter weight and easier donning and doffing, but most importantly, the introduction of an improved women’s pattern that fits beautifully.

This system, coupled with our online ordering platform allows complete control over suit design and specification, even down to the ‘GUE’ valve position – adjusting the position of the shoulder dump for on trim performance. The result is more than just ‘made to measure,’ it is a bespoke suit built to the exact requirements of the customer. If you want a suit optimized for thinner undergarments, or one with room for additional layering for extreme conditions, this can be specified.

The process is simple; two photos are taken from a safe distance, then sent to fourth element’s garment specialists to turn into a bespoke pattern and made in their European factory. The suit is quality tested in house before being shipped directly to your dealer or your home.

To order; contact fourth element {} or visit your local Argonaut dealer

Find out more about the Argonaut 2.0 drysuit and design your own spec here.






The NextGen scholarship provides a year of training with Global Underwater Explorers to an eligible diver who wishes to advance their diving education.

Photo by Julian Mühlenhaus.


FL, USA (June 8th, 2022)–As a way to empower the next generation of divers, Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) created the NextGen Scholarship, which will provide a year of training and other benefits to deserving divers on their quest for excellence. 

Through the generous donation of course spaces from GUE instructors, one year of tuition-free GUE training is made available to divers. These course spaces include the majority of GUE’s curriculum, and with a generous travel budget, dedicated support from a NextGen Mentor, and a new set of gear from Halcyon, scholarship recipients are able to undertake GUE training in the locations and environments they’re most passionate about. In exchange for this support, scholars will provide both written and video documentation of their year as a NextGen scholar and take part in a NextGen presentation at the next GUE conference following their scholarship year.

If you’re a certified diver who is enthusiastic about pursuing further education, interested in exploration and conservation, and ready for a year of new adventures, learn more about the requirements and how to submit an application here. Applications close July 1st, 2022.

Photo by Annika Andresen.

Global Underwater Explorers, a US 501(c)(3), began with a group of divers whose love of underwater exploration grew naturally into a desire to protect those environments. In 1998, they created a unique organization dedicated to high-quality diver education with the goal of supporting aquatic research that advances conservation and safely expands exploration of the underwater world. 

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