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OMG! Only 30 Sleeps to go! OZTek Advanced Dive Conference 2022



Oct 1-2, 2022 at the MCEC Melbourne

Photo by Vanessa Torres-Macho.


It’ll be here FAST … the first Australian Dive Event in 3 years!!! Unbelievable. And the line up is impressive; both for speakers in the OZTek Advanced Conference, as well as the workshops, exhibitors, and specialists at the OZDIve Show. The 2022 OZTek Conference Schedule is now live! See: OZTek schedule. Bookmark the page; it may change a little as we close in on the conference.
It’s a truly unique event, destined specifically for divers of ANY level (even those who are ‘thinking about it!)

The 2022 Presenters – and their incredible topics can be found Here.

More topic details listed on their individual bio pages. 

OZTek introduces two new speaker additions: Bobby Chacon, FBI Dive Team Founder will be doing two talks. First: About the creation of this (not-well-known) specialised unit, why it is necessary, the training required for the FBI Diving agents, the technology they use. It’s a fascinating look into this little known world and the first time Chacon has ever spoken to a dive forum.

His second talk is about the actual real life Crime scenes they have had to navigate, including notable dive operations such as the TWA Flight 800 (1996), Space Shuttle Columbia (2003), Laci Peterson (2003), and the Minneapolis Bridge collapse (2007).

Another new face is Richard Fitzpatrick ACS – an Emmy awarded cinematographer and Research Fellow at James Cook University specialising in sharks. Richard, a rebreather convert, will be providing equipment and stories behind the lens whilst filming for Attenborough, Nat Geo, and Discovery specials – including his numerous visits to the ER! Richard’s second topic is about his shark tagging and mapping research, including a scientific response to shark bites!

The 2022 OZTek Conference Schedule is being released on Sept 1. Remember to check the website for details 

Grab your tickets fast:

OZDive Show – showcasing new equipment, new technologies, new destinations, travel, training, photography, apparel, and some extra special events you might not expect.

Avatar | Bauer compressors | Divesoft | Fourth Element | First Stage | Halcyon Australia | Poseidon | Ursuit | Santi Drysuits | Scubapro Australia | Shearwater Research | TECLINE | TUSA | Waterproof wet & drysuits | Dive 1st Aid | Benni Marine Designs | Seacraft Scooters | TecDiveGear | Aquatic Imaging Australia | Isotta / GoPro | Backscatter | Aquatech | Cinebags | Ikelite | Kraken | Weefine | Light & Motion | Sea & Sea | Dive Lantern | Mike Ball, Spirit of Freedom, Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions or further afield like Tourism Fiji, El Galleon, Papua New Guinea Dive, Philippines TourismSea Safari, Volivoli Beach Resort, Thalassa Dive Resorts, El Galleon Dive Resort, Aqua-Venture & Wakatobi. Travel wholesalers include Allways Dive Expeditions, Dive Adventures & Diveplanit, Adelaide Scuba | Bay City Scuba | Deep Blue Ventures | Ocean Divers | Scuba Culture | Snorkel & Dive Safari Altona Beach | Total Immersion Diving | Scubabo Dive Victoria | Red Boats, CDAA, ERDI, PADI, PFI, RAID SDI, TDI, The Human Diver, The Historical Diving Society, Prescription Dive & more..

For all exhibitors check:

Photography workshops (free with General OZDive Show entry ticket)

  • Vanessa Torres-Macho – teaching Freediving Photography tips & tricks
  • Matty Smith – UK Photographer of the Year, Matty will be providing insights into his specialty of over/under photography
  • Matt Krumins – photo workshop with a particular emphasis on black & white photography
  • Pete Mesley – NZ wreck and big animal photographer – Pete’s workshop will be on getting your lighting right underwater

Watch the websites for workshop events to register – 

So much diving – under one roof!

This is an Australian Dive Show: Recreational, Advanced, Free, and Beginning.. 

Want to hear more? Listen to Sue Crowe on the ScubaGoat Podcast

Further information, subscribe to our newsletter or tune in to the OZDive Podcast for up-to-date announcements on tickets, competitions, speakers, and workshops.

The OZDive Show & OZTek Advanced Diving Conference ’22 will be held at the Melbourne Conference & Exhibition Centre (Jeff’s Shed) on October 1-2, 2022.
The very start of the Australian diving season.

Get ready for action…

 Websites: & or Facebook / Instagram & Twitter 


Rock & Water

Sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor evokes the sacred, populating underwater seascapes with corporeal objets d’art, meant to be assimilated by the sea.




Text, photography and art courtesy of Jason deCaires Taylor.

Crossing the Rubicon, Museo Atlántico, Lanzarote, Spain, Atlantic Ocean

“Museums are places of conservation, education, and about protecting something sacred. We need to assign those same values to our oceans.”

Nexus, Oslo Fjord, Norway
Museo Subacuático de Arte, Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico
Museo Subacuático de Arte, Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico

As soon as we sink them, they belong to the sea.

The Rising Tide, River Thames, Vauxhall, London

“The Rising Tide was located within sight of the Houses of Parliament. The politician on a petroleum horse was an obvious metaphor for how fossil fuel companies are embedded into our politician system. I think we really have to start holding people accountable for what they are doing. And that needs to be documented in stone rather than in a few words in a newspaper column that disappears. There are a lot of people whose actions need to be immortalised.”

The Raft of Lampedusa, Museo Atlántico, Lanzarote, Spain, Atlantic Ocean
Museo Subacuático de Arte, Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico
Nexus, Oslo Fjord, Norway
The Coral Greenhouse, John Brewer Reef, Australia, Pacific Ocean
The Silent Evolution, Museo Subacuático de Arte, Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico

“It is named a museum for a simple reason. Every day we dredge, pollute and overfish our oceans, while museums are places of preservation, of conservation, and of education. They are places where we keep objects that have great value to us. Our oceans are sacred.”

Check out for a lot more amazing work!

Jason deCaires Taylor MRSS is an award winning sculptor, environmentalist and professional underwater photographer. For the past 16 years, Taylor has been creating underwater museums and sculpture parks beneath the waves, submerging over 1,100 living artworks throughout the world’s oceans and seas. Themes explored by these artistic installations include, among others, the climate emergency, environmental activism, and the regenerative attributes of nature. The sculptures create a habitat for marine life whilst illustrating humanity’s fragility and its relationship with the marine world. Taylor’s subjects mainly feature members of the local community, focussing on their connections with their own coastal environments.

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